You may have heard of the "Panama Papers" by now? If not, you're probably not the only one, which is surprising and also disturbing, given that it's one of the worlds biggest (if not the biggest) data leaks ever.

Exposing tax shelters of some of the most powerful people & organisations in the world, I would have thought this would be a more popular story. And although it has been publicized, it seems that more people know what Kim K had for lunch yesterday or how many selfies she took last week.

This begs the question, are we using our search capability for the greater good, or are we a culture more focused on so called celebrities & reality TV stars than world wide corruption. Sadly, you'll find the latter is probably more likely and the vast power of the internet is used more for superficial searching than more serious matters.

None the less, with the next leak (May 9th) of data being searchable, maybe this will increase the number of hits for this story and it's profile to become as mainstream as Kim's behind.

Let's wait and see....