Here’s a thought provoking opinion piece that raised some questions for me: Am I ready for IoT?

Imagine you are nearing a branch of the organisation you do banking with and a message pops up on your phone: ‘Hi Rob, you’ve overdrawn on your account this morning. If you transfer some funds to return your account to a credit balance before 3pm today, we’ll waive the unarranged overdraft fee of $15’. Well yes, I’d really appreciate that.

However, you’re nearing your local toy store and a message pops up on your phone: ‘Hi Rob, your delightful daughter Isobel’s 8th birthday is looming. We’ve got a great new range of toys and games that will suit Isobel’s love of rainbow unicorns and tea parties. Buy her gift today and we’ll give you $10 off if you spend more than $89.00.’ No, thank you!

I’m ready for IoT if I feel valued as a customer and there’s a real benefit to me, not if my phone is being invaded with a brand’s sales pitch or advertising.

Are you ready for IoT?