Has the ideal of being a single company employee become a thing of the past? An employees longevity has always cast a loyal, steadfast and trustworthy impression, compared with that of a CV littered with multiple positions which could be seen unfavourably by a prospective employer.

On the other hand, staying too long in a job could  hinder your employment prospects. A lengthy stint with one company can give the impression that you aren't interested in progressing your career or that you may not have the flexibility for success in a new role.

These days changing jobs frequently has become the norm rather than the exception, and employers  now seem to be realizing the potential benefits. Newly hired employee's, among other reasons, can bring market information about competitors whilst also tending to be top performers.

It's a difficult one to call, and I'm sure there will be many different views. One thing is certain, that the job market these days is considerably more open to the benefits of both.