There he was, an IT recruiter who didn't know how to turn his computer on.. True story.

I always remember this story as it made such an impression on me. It was his first day in our company and our boss said this newbie was  the guru of the IT world. He was nice and pleasant when he first walked in, introduced himself to everyone, smiled a lot and made jokes. Then he went to his desk and spend about 10 minutes trying to quietly figure out how to turn his computer on. Until i started to feel sorry for him and showed where the start button was. Not the best first impression.

Or so I thought. 

That was until my first day at my current job when I spent a bit of time trying to find the port in my keyboard to connect it to my desktop. Until a colleague of mine (thanks, Alex!) kindly said "You know it's a wireless keyboard, don't you?". I think I'll definitely remember that one forever and ever.

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