At the end of the day your best employee will constantly be harassed with opportunities (it's why they are your best employee.. if they weren't you probably wouldn't keep them).

As a recruitment consultant it is interesting to see how a manager deals with their top employees resigning. It really ranges from company to company and I get to hear it first hand from candidates that I place. 

Some companies handle it really well, you can see why they are a great place to work and nobody wants to leave. (Also why I had to work so hard to head hunt out of there)

But sometimes I am shocked and disappointed at how some line managers handle the resignation of a talented employees. I believe you should never burn your bridges with employees that are leaving, these people put their time, effort and energy into building your companies brand and reputation. 

Recently I was thinking about it all and began to wonder if it could be because there actually isn't a lot of information around this. (It was pretty hard finding a decent article that highlights what you should and shouldn't do in this situation).

This article is a really great read and has some good tips on how to deal with your top talent resigning. Have a read and feel free to share your views.