The word negotiation used to make me feel a little nervous, especially when I was in real estate. (Being on commission only was tough). This was the part where everything can completely unravel and it wasn't until my dad said me "You are just the messenger it is up to the other parties to agree on the price" that this part of the process stopped being so daunting. It was also the best piece of advice I could have been given as a (then) young sales person.

I feel like the same rings true for employers in the IT industry. There is such a shortage of skills and hiring is such an expensive process that when you finally find that amazing candidate who will compliment the culture you have worked so hard to create within your team/organisation and has the right technical skills it sort of feels unreal. 

You present a verbal offer only to find out that they have 2 or 3 more offers on the table to consider and suddenly the world crashes around you. You realise that not only could you possibly lose your dream candidate but also you might have to go through the whole process again which included going through 100's of CVs then the 3 or 4 (sometimes even 5) step interview process. So what do you do? 

This is the bit where where having a recruitment consultant assist definitely helps, but if you don't, here are some tips to consider when negotiating a salary to get your dream candidate.