Starting a new job is always a bit daunting, starting a new job in a completely new career field is even more so. 

I moved to New Zealand with a career background in Banking and Accounts Management, spending the past six years working for a leading UK Financial institute. 

Then came the move to New Zealand, and with that a desire to try something new, something I’d always been interested in, Recruitment. I didn’t exactly plan on getting into IT recruitment, specifically, but that is where the path led me. Now I spend my days talking to some very intelligent individuals about technologies that I previously didn’t even know existed. 

It has been a short journey so far, and I find myself being challenged with a hunger to learn new things every day.  After reading this blog by the well respected Greg Savage, he really hits the nail on the head when it comes to conducting yourself in a new role.

I strongly believe it is the simple things done well that will ultimately lead you on the path to career success.