With a constantly changing market, it can be tough to answer the question of how one person or organisation can stay competitive and motivated. For some, it's hard wired. For others, it can be a daunting commitment. Whatever it is that you want to stay competitive and motivated in requires two factors; Selfishness and Gratitude. This is because it is the genuine understanding that you only have one life and a certain amount of time to accomplish the things you want to do. "You need to be selfish with the time you have left and grateful for the time you've had."

When being selfish, obviously the end outcome or result of being competitive and motivated in business is money, but what you truly want is the understanding of legacy. If you had $500 million and be known for the money you made or had $200 million and be known as the person who changed the industry, what would you choose?

Motivation can come down to gratitude. Gratitude is what got a lot of successful people through toughest moments in business. Whenever they have lost a deal to a competitor, or an incredible employee, or millions of dollars in revenue, they default to gratitude. Why? Because they recognize that even if bought something very expensive tomorrow, none of it would matter at all if they got a call the next day that someone they love was sick or had died. Dark, but true.

Being motivated is all about a mental shift in perspective. It’s the understanding that time is your number one asset; you have to do right by it by being grateful with the time you’ve had and selfish with the time you have left.

Are you spending your time selfishly, and grateful for the time you have had?