Let’s be honest, a day in the life of a recruiter is pretty hectic most of the time.  In between the constant phone calls, meetings, coffees, blog writing, paperwork, moaning, it can be hard to find the time to fit it all in!  But that’s the point, we DO have the time, it’s just that people utilize their time differently.

I recently attended a conference by the undisputed leader of the global recruitment industry and regular keynote speaker Greg Savage, who let us in on his tricks of the trade when it comes to time management.  It’s called using the ‘nooks & crannies”, and even though I would consider my time management quite good up until this point, I’ve found it incredibly effective. 

In this day and age we are never really ‘out of office’, and whether we like it or not we are online 24/7.  This gives us ample opportunity to work on the move.  The blog you need to write? The email you need to draft? The CV you need to re-format because it has numerous pictures of koala bears all over it? These tasks can all squeezed into the days ‘nooks & crannies’. Whether it’s on the train, in the airport, waiting for your coffee, these relative short pockets of time can all be effectively used to maximise your daily output.

So when someone says there just aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s worth reminding them,

We all have the same hours in the day as Bill Gates….maybe not the same level of income though!