As I coincidentally read through this article before heading into a meeting, I wonder what the true costs of meetings are. Although this calculator gives you a good base cost, it doesn't take into account lost opportunities and general productivity. For example, for every hour you spend internally you could spend an hour with your clients. This could result in building a better understanding of their business, resulting in a greater return in revenue.

Unfortunately meetings are a must when you need to get a number of stakeholders together to make a decision. I ensure I stick to a simple agenda and I email this to all attendees prior to any meeting. It outlines what will be covered and also gives everyone the chance to think about the topics/discussion points and hopefully add something of value.

If you are the one running the meeting, ensure that everyone is well aware of the agenda and that you keep all attendees on track. Very often meetings can go off tangent, so don't be afraid to keep everyone focused, on track and engaged.

Remember, a short and concise meeting with clear action points for everyone is a good meeting!