Technology is ingrained in the lives of everyone nowadays. We see it everywhere and have even seen it change the way we work, live and even relax. Why is that? Is it convenience? Is it to feel 'included'? Or could it even be to get away from others? 

If you think about it, little things like our mobile phones, tablets and laptops are now considered an extension of ourselves. We can no longer live without them. Being a Millennial staff member myself, I don't remember much of the days before the internet but the aspect of physical conversation and interaction with others, in my opinion, is just as important as work-life balance. Those who have done without technology, for however long, will tell you similar stories and how they felt, and I can guarantee that it will all be positive.

Over the next few weeks, I will be conducting an experiment myself to see how my body reacts to the limitation of technology. My initial thought is that it will give me an unsettling feeling, but should improve over time.

Watch this space...