Let’s face the facts: Software testers with manual skills alone are going to face increasing struggles in today’s job market. It’s a dying breed, with Automation Testing being the cool, new and exciting kid in town. Yes, exploratory testing is still very much important, but the fact still remains that Automation Testing is very much on the rise. 

In an ever changing and progressive market it’s becoming even more essential to have solid Automation skills if you want to remain marketable as a tester. Over the past few years, testing jobs have required the need for Automation skills and the demand has continued to grow. 

So does this mean Manual Testing is redundant? I don’t believe so at all, as it still holds great importance. However, if you haven’t already, the time is now to start learning Automation.  Start by finding out what Automation tools your current employer has to offer and work from there. The more technical and Automated testing skills you have, the more marketable you'll be as a tester.

The article below discusses in depth Automation testing and it's key benefits.