Addiction is a person who is substance-dependent and is characterised by having at least a physical or psychological dependency on a substance that negatively affect their quality of life. With the rise in small technology (hand-held devices) it's no wonder that there are people out there who are addicted to technology!

Now, my second week was definitely better than my first. I disconnected from the tech world around 7pm most nights, though I did have the odd hiccup from people trying to talk to me! I just couldn't help myself.

It’s obvious that distraction is what I need, being able to focus on something else other than being online. I was able to keep myself busy by actually socialising with people, work colleagues and family. Without that technological extension, I was able to stop and appreciate my surroundings, whether it be a walk along the waterfront, travelling to places with exceptional views and bush walks around the suburbs. It were these things that made me appreciate that there is more to life than the small little screen in my hand.

I have been asked multiple times as to why I am doing this exercise - what is it that I gain from it? I can tell you immediately that this is not simply a “diet” or a detox. I have a strong feeling that this has the potential to turn into a lifestyle change: A change that will ultimately allow me to reconnect with others on a more personal level.

Onto week three! Watch this space.