As part of my role I am often asked "What's the market like out there?".  With Wellington being heavily government focused it has it's peaks and troughs like most, but how is the New Zealand I.T. market overall?  

Recent reports suggest New Zealand’s technology spending is forecast to reach as much as NZ$11.8 billion in 2017, which equates to an increase of 2.7 per cent from last year. This growth rate is up from the previous quarter's forecast of 1.4 per cent. The facts state that Kiwi businesses are increasing investment across data center systems, software, IT services and communications services.

So is now a good time to be a techy in NZ?

The short answer is yes, digital business is playing a huge part in the way business is done and how it is supported. An example of this is the fact that many NZ companies are pumping savings from their legacy system optimisation and enhancements back into funding digital initiatives.

With growth forecasted in key areas such as devices, data centre systems, software, IT services and communication services for New Zealand the technology market is certainly looking as strong as ever.

Below is a recent article focused on John-David Lovelock, the Vice President and analyst at Gartner, and his upcoming views on the future of tech in NZ.