I've learnt throughout my career several styles of management that really separated true leaders from those who simply managed myself and those around me. These true leaders are ones that have inspired me and, in turn, have shaped the way in which I lead and continue to aspire to.

As someone who strives to do better every day, continuous learning is key for me and therefore, surely, passing this on to others is just as imperative! Managing this in such a way which acknowledges one's pace, in line with the goals I wish to achieve, is a process of collaboration that really does promote teamwork and, in turn, a success for the business. 

Goal-setting and targets are vital but, by focusing on autonomy with a bit of a push, along with providing an environment that contributes to one's growth constructively promote traits of a good leader.

To those who have reported to me over the years, I've spent time ensuring that I'm more than someone who sets targets and instead a professional that is able to provide guidance but enough so that they take control of their actions and improve on any mistakes should they make them. 

In doing so, I've witnessed increased morale and an environment that's vastly more interactive - and that's a brilliant thing!