I can't say that any of the ideas in this article are new. To do well in business, you need to build a relationships with your customers. Making each and every engagement count is of paramount importance so that they keep coming back and they recommend you to their contacts. It's Business 101 really. 

I remember when my mum, who is not computer savvy at all, began her building company and would send housewarming presents to her customers when they were moving in. She actually still does this! I know of store owners who still have no website running but turn a profit and have been providing goods and services in the community for the last 20 years. What do they all have in common?

They built a relationship with their customers and gained their loyalty. 

So what has digital transformation really done? It has given customers options; it has brought the very simple concept, that you need to leave a lasting positive impression with your customers, to the forefront of everyone's minds. Gone are the days where you were limited to your local suppliers for goods and services. We have social media and the internet to thank for that.

This article caught my attention because it addresses that you need to recognise and understand the different ways in which you can engage with a customer and to think about how you can make each engagement count. You now have access to data that can help make those decisions for you and take away a lot of the guess work.

It also addresses how easy it is to find information about almost everything. As a recruiter, in a candidate-short market, perception is imperative to attract top talent. It is something I hear time and time again, "I read this about company X, I don't know if I want to go there." Information is so easily available that I believe companies need to take the way that they are perceived in the market seriously, as it will impact the business on many levels. Yes, this article focuses on thinking about the consumer, but think about how your business will be perceived to prospective employees. 

Do a google search on your company, do you like what comes up?