Let’s be honest: If I need to be told once per year if I’m succeeding in my role or not, we’ve got an issue. I should know and be aware at any time during the year if I am delivering what I need to for the business.

I am encouraged to see the likes of Deloitte asking their managers questions such as, “Given what I know of this person’s performance, would I always want him or her on my team?" They ask managers just four questions refining and simplifying their reviews where they’ve seen voluntary attrition drop, saving their managers hours and hours of time. 

There’s nothing worse than a 15-page form from the HR department that forces and drives the manager to complete a checkbox form-filling exercise instead of having a meaningful conversation.

What about regular, fair and constructive feedback? Throughout my career I have been luckily enough to not have had managers who do the annual review. Rather, it has been constant communication around my performance on a daily basis. I have taken that and incorporated it into my own leadership style, where I have moved teams away from annual reviews, instead focusing on daily communication, a strong feedback loop and semi-formal monthly one-on-ones.

It might be time to review the way you engage your team, and move away from the archaic annual reviews that are now becoming a thing of the past.