Patrick’s done a great job finding his niche and delivering a product that the market needs, but the story focuses on him overcoming discrimination – specifically, ageism. 

I can personally relate to this as earlier in my career I’ve had questions like, “Do your parents know that you’re out on a school night?" and, at a networking event, having a potential client state, “What are you... like, 12?" and again, more recently at a social event, I was mistakenly referred to as someone’s son! 

I take no offence and I don’t let it bother me. In fact, it makes me more determined to succeed. To put it simply, I show them what I’ve got and deliver results!

As a caveat, as we all know what goes online stays online, once I’m more experienced and longer in the tooth, I’m sure I will have the same choice of words to pass down to the younger folks. 

What comes around goes around, right?