What is a Data Scientist? That's a good question. It sounds pretty cool, kind of like the Professor Pat Pending of the I.T. world right? (One for the UK cartoon enthusiasts…)

In a nutshell, Data Scientists are responsible for gaining insights from huge sets of structured and unstructured data, to help shape or meet specific business needs and goals. 

The role of a Data Scientist within data analysis is becoming increasingly important as more businesses are becoming reliant on Big Data and Data Analytics to drive decision-making.

So now we have an idea of what they do, another question is why they do what they do? Dey do doh don’t dey doh! (Say that in a Scouse accent...)

Big Data analytics can really transform how businesses operate by essentially empowering the decision-makers to make, well, better decisions! 

An experienced Data Scientist will work as a trusted adviser and strategic partner with an organisation to ensure that the business is doing all it can to maximise its capabilities.

Below is an interesting blog by Russ Thompson, a Senior Research Scientist at Alexa, who gives his views on the way Data is heading.