We are all well aware of the current shortage of experienced I.T. talent in the New Zealand market, which makes robust resource management essential to help you cope with business demands.

Throughout my career I’ve come across, and implemented, a number of resource management tools that allow you to forecast business peaks and troughs. A google search will set you on the right path, even a simple excel spreadsheet is better than nothing.   

The one piece of advice I can give you is to ensure that whatever tool you use, access is given to management and key staff, as Europe’s largest airline failed to do recently. Doing nothing to dispel the stereotypes of my fellow countrymen.

Ryanair cited a management mix up which failed to take into account a change to the flight time regulation for pilots. This saw over 2,000 flight's (so far) cancelled due to hundreds of key flight crew being on leave simultaneously. 

Whatever your thoughts on Ryanair may be, they have remained Europe’s largest airline for a number of years, however in one fail swoop they have upset nearly 400,000 customers who have a buffet of competitors to choose from. Not to mention the ongoing staffing issues that will arise from crew being tempted to join more stable airlines.

If resource management isn’t your strong point, find a template online, hire someone who’s in the know or pick up the phone. 

I’d be more than happy to help.