Work place culture is no doubt on your radar, whether it be related to the role you are currently in or related to next job you apply for. Research indicates that 64% of employees left an organisation because its values did not match their own. 71% said they valued culture fit attributes over and above remuneration.

What happens if the workplace culture is not right?

In most cases the answer to this question can be sourced from your own personal experience. You are likely to:

  • turn up to work more regularly and happier
  • enjoy your work environment
  • be more productive
  • achieve work outcomes
  • participate in social events as a happy and cohesive team
  • feel included

If you are applying for a new job, how do you know what their culture is?

Ask the question – what is your workplace culture like there? If the interviewer can rattle off a number of positive points related to the company’s leadership style, the companies’ values, and the best and least favourite aspects, then you will be able to get a feeling for the workplace culture that exists there. You will also be able to decide if their culture matches with yours, e.g. a large, slow corporate won’t be ideal for a dynamic entrepreneurial thinker, unless of course that corporate wants to radically change.