Being a registered Style Coach, I know all too well the importance of feeling comfortable in the skin you're in and dressing to reflect that.

Style Coaching focuses heavily on the link between mind and body — that the way we see ourselves on the outside has a huge effect on how we see ourselves on the inside, and vice versa.

How do you feel when you put on your pyjamas? Comfy and cosy, right? How about when you put on a smart suit or a beautiful dress? Powerful, confident, successful.

Dressing for success is a real thing and when you look good you feel good. Taking pride in your appearance not only makes you feel more confident and respect yourself but it will also makes your colleagues and clients do the same. Can you imagine how productive and how how serious you will be taken you if you worked in your pyjamas? No doubt you will be a little more relaxed but you will also be less focused and perceived as not caring about your work.

Sometimes the most difficult part is finding the right clothes that fit and flatter you and represent your style personality. Thus, it is very important to dress for you and what makes you feel good and not what makes others happy.

Unfortunately we do live in a world where the book is judged by its cover. You have the power in your hands to be whatever cover of a book you like! So why not send out the message you truly want acknowledged so that there is no confusion.