Two months ago I took on a new position working for a recruitment agency.

I'd spent a couple of years working for an IT consultancy up until then, doing in-house recruitment, and I decided it may be time for a change: a new office; some new faces; and some new roles to fill. Fabulous, I thought!  

What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the amount of hatred towards recruiters!

No bull. In my first week, my LinkedIn feed changed from technology posts and the advancement of AI, to "How to Spot a Rogue Recruiter" and "The Top 10 Things Terrible Recruiters Do"!  Reading these articles were horrifying - surely people don't send off CVs without telling the applicant?  

I then noticed the change in tone when calling people. At my previous job I'd make many a phone call and I would always be greeted with excitement, such that a phone call from me was the best call they'd ever had!  Now the response to my call is more a response a debt collector is likely to get!

Nevertheless, I do enjoy my job. I genuinely enjoy meeting people and helping them, whether it be my suggesting changes to their CV, or helping them with interview techniques.  Like most recruiters, I do struggle to give every single applicant a personalised response, but I do read every single CV that passes my desk and I do provide interview feedback as soon as I receive it.

Some will paint all recruiters with the same brush as much as a used car salesman but, while it can be the case, not all of us are pushy salespeople just attempting to close a deal. Just saying!