Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that you can go hours, day or even weeks without grounding yourself to the power of the earths natural energy?  It's not something I thought about until someone alerted me to the theory of grounding and earthing.  At the end of the day we are all energy, as are all living things and all the animals on the planet are connected to the earth every day without fail, but we are not.

What stops us from being connected to the earth's energy? I mean truly connected?  Think about this... You wake up and step barefoot on the carpet or wooden floor, then you put your shoes on which most likely you will wear all day till you get home where you take your shoes off and once again touch your feet on carpet, concrete or wood.  But not once in that day have you touched sand, soil, earth etc.. there is always a constant barrier between your natural energy and the earths energy!  Isn't that crazy?

I have often felt drawn to the sand or sea or mud or grass and the feeling of it on my feet but never knew why?  I also love the way it makes me feel but never knew why?  Its because you are connecting your energy with the earths energy and recharging your batteries, its really that simple!  This article shows some amazing facts about the affects of grounding and how it can help, pain, depression and mood etc..

So take a moment to think about how disconnected you are from the earths energy and how you can become more connected to it.  

Happy Earthing people!