“Lose an hour in the morning and you will be all day hunting for it.” - Richard Whately

Nothing like the frenzy of waking up only to realise that you’ve slept through your alarm clock and have to rush out the door for work, throwing off your entire day!

Morning routines, you can’t beat 'em.

It’s no surprise that, like most things in life, it’s all about the set up and foundation that determines the overall success of your endeavours. In general, we tend to set aside several hours of downtime during the evening but we can be quick to dismiss even waking up 30 minutes earlier to start the day on the right foot!

The most underrated, seemingly mundane, part of the day holds the power to influence the outcome of your productivity, happiness, and overall well-being. Humans are creatures of habit, so why not embrace this and use it to kick start your day before the distractions of the day set in?