Up until I started working within the IT industry, I never really gave much thought into IT Security, the importance of it and the value it can add to keeping sensitive information secure. 

A colleague once mentioned that, as a nation, we are a trusting society, meaning that we just accept when someone introduces themselves as an official: that we, as a society, have a lack of training and awareness around who we allow into our work place. 

Now I know that it may not sound like IT Security - that it's just a lack of re-confirming who someone is - but if you think about it, we live in the information age: information can be highly valuable in particular hands. Someone could visit, simply dress appropriately and say that they are from an organisation that provides support to the office printer or phone lines and that employee may just simply accept it and let them in, completely exposing the organisation to a security or network threat or even putting staff at risk. 

If you want to secure your information and networks, train your employees as much as possible! Also, place your infrastructure/servers or information in a secure location and lock that baby up old school and electronically!