And there we have it: it's the good old dopamine at it again!

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by neurons in the brain, which gives rise to the feeling of pleasure or reward. This may be triggered by many different things, even when crossing out or ticking a checklist.

Having taken on board creating a list of tasks and intentions every morning, it has helped in allowing me to have a better working day and makes me feel as if I am achieving my goals as I go, keeping me motivated in the process. It is so satisfying to look at my list and cross it out knowing I am actually getting things done! 

I recommend giving this a try as it keeps your brain alert and aware but be warned, as creating too long a list - where you cannot cross everything off - could result in you being hard on yourself. Instead, focus on having a list started for the next day and make it a little more achievable as per the SMART goals rule in this article I was just reading.

Happy crossing and ticking!