We spend a majority of our lives in our workplace and not everyone enjoys their job or makes the effort to enjoy their job. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and talk to people, form a bond, ask questions and step outside of the box a little. 

Don't wait for the knowledge to come to you go out and seek it!

Being a part of a team is really important and can make all the difference at work.  You won't get along with everyone but find the ones you do connect with and make more of an effort with them.  If you're shy and not that social, find ways to break this cycle for yourself and adapt, change and evolve.  

Having a belief in yourself, your personality and your abilities is also crucial to a happy work-life and finding a good balance so that you are not married to your job. Take responsibility and ownership of the decisions you are making that you may blame on outside circumstances or on others. Get the most out of everyone and everything and always see the positive.