It is about you taking the reins of your job search and therefore being the master of your own career. Often it is more about your approach, how well your prepare and how relentless you are in your search. In saying this, there are absolutely market, supply and demand pressures to think about also. 

Are you taking on a role which is going to take you down the right path to building a long-term and sustainable career?

In some cases you need to take a step back to move forward if you are moving towards a pathway outside of the space you have primarily worked in.

I have, myself, taken a step down in pay in order to get some experience that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to receive. At the time it was difficult and I really had to adapt my lifestyle to fit, however the experience I took away from this role has helped shape me as a person and the skills I have today. 

Are you guilty of any of the beliefs written in this article? Have a read and let me know!