Technology has been a consistent companion for many of us and our generation. On a daily basis, we are surrounded by IT and are constantly using its benefits. Nearly every third person in New Zealand owns a smartphone and almost three-quarters (72%) of all adult Kiwis have access to a notebook or laptop for their private use (2015).

Given the fact that our grandparents had to fight past war challenges and rebuild damaged cities in some parts of the world, our biggest sorrow nowadays is to get “enough” likes on our Instagram post. Even generations that had no exposure to IT at all are using smartphones as if they grew up with it. It's not unusual to see an 80-year-old sending a Viber message to stay in touch with their family travelling the world, but where will our generation go in terms of development and the extreme? What is the next step of using IT? 

An article posted in Stuff recently talks about Chinese firms that use mind-reading devices to monitor workers’ emotions. Those devices feed information about the workers, such as details about their mood, to employers. The aim is to “read” employees’ emotions to analyse and to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Personally, I don’t know if I agree with this usage, but I do see the benefits. I believe there should be a barrier, as privacy is an important factor to take into consideration, and it should be respected. After all we are still humans, and not machines, so why try and box our emotions? 

Very interested to hear your thoughts.