Being apart of the Recruit I.T. team here in New Zealand, I have a newly-found appreciation for professional guidance and looking to my mentors for that extra bit of advice along the way.

Mentors are more than just your "go to" people when things get tough. They can also be a beacon of light, your inspiration, your role models and, more importantly, your friends. 

That being said, this week, me and my fellow colleagues will lose one of our most-respected and long-lasting Senior Consultants as he embarks on a new path. More, now than ever, I take what lessons and inspiration was passed on to us from him and carry that through my long career within recruitment onwards and, someday, to the people who will eventually look up to me (a scary thought!)

So, I exclaim to all those 'newbie' recruitment consultants entering the market: When you're unsure about how to tell a candidate that they may or may not have gotten the job they were hoping for, or you're just having a difficult time juggling the amount of work on your desk, remember that you're surrounding by a team of recruiters who have been right where you are. 

Reach out, listen to their advice, ask questions and be inspired because one day, you might not have them two desks over, so seize the day!