Tomorrow, I will be embarking on one of the biggest challenges I have faced in quite some time. After almost 11 months of calling New Zealand home, me and my partner will be packing everything up and taking the leap across the ditch to Melbourne, Australia.

As much as I am excited to be a part of the amazingly rich culture that Melbourne has to offer (we won’t compare who has the better coffee just yet), I’m going to miss the opportunity and success that Auckland and New Zealand has been so generous to offer me during my stay. Our office is constantly busy here at Recruit I.T., and yes I will miss this aspect and having the social interaction, but I am privileged to be able to stay amongst the team and continue this success, remotely, from Melbourne.

For the next few months, I will be continuing to deliver the results and commitment to both my candidates and clients in a 360 capacity, but now we'll have the Tasman between us instead of just the Sky Tower or the Harbour Bridge. So instead of organising the regular coffee catch-up’s or client site visits, I’ll be arranging Skype calls and picking up that phone to show that I’m still here for New Zealand and am still prepared to support the market.

Recruit I.T. has given me a great opportunity to deliver results in a passionate environment and has supported my success from day one. So now, in return, I will be taking this incredible job with me to hopefully, one day, continue our success in Melbourne which we have proven to be capable of doing In New Zealand for the past 12 years.

For anyone looking to relocate or make a move to another city, but can’t shake the stress of having to leave and resign a job that you love, remember that anything is possible. If your employer values you and you contribute to company success, then if you want to grow, take that step! Open up that line of communication, evolve with rather than against and do business together in new ways because a business that doesn’t evolve is one that is left behind. 

Even though working remotely is a daunting thought, not having your colleagues nearby to use for daily professional support, IT has made leaps and bounds to bring offices across the world more accessible. So now, rather than recruit for IT and build relationships, I’m going to start maximising on this technology to promote my brand and build further success.

On that note, I begin my transition into the land of John Farnham and AFL, and will do so with the mission statement of Recruit I.T and my colleagues just a phone call away, all while following my passion!