An interesting topic and discussion I was having with a technology leader within the industry came up this week. It was around organisations promoting competent people into management roles, however not growing them as leaders. 

It is such a common mistake for many organisations to promote someone who is technically competent, or the SME around their area, into a management/leadership role. However, what is often forgotten is the change in focus, approach and soft skills required to ultimately get the best out of the team they are leading. Now, I am not saying that someone who isn't technically competent or an SME can't be a successful leader, but it takes guidance, support and training to allow someone to be successful in any new role.

So often, organisations don't outline how the individual's role, responsibilities, and outcomes have changed. Particularly when you go from being a successful individual and competent in what you do individually, to enabling those around you to be successful: two completely different skills.

Shifting from being solely focused on your own success to those around you takes a completely different mindset, selflessness and a real passion for seeing others succeed. Even the most natural leaders need training, guidance, and support. This is something often overlooked by organisations when promoting internally. 

If you are looking at promoting internally, ask yourself: are you giving your future leaders a platform to be successful?