I wanted to share a bit of insight into my experience with internal hiring. 

Although I have made a career of advising clients around recruitment best practice, who best fits their skill or technical requirements and, most importantly, who best fills the cultural gap they currently have on their team? I really do understand and can relate to how hard it is to hire the right talent for your own team! 

At the end of the day you can throw in as many well-crafted behavioral or situational questions as you like, or even do references until the cows come home, but my biggest learning and word of advice to anyone hiring is to listen to your 'gut'. The worst hiring decisions I have made in my career are when all the evidence points to saying 'hire' but my gut says no, and yet I've already done it anyway.

As recruitment leaders we need to make a decision...

Do we hire experienced talent who may or may not agree with or align with our businesses value, but can hit the ground running? Potentially they can also bring a lot of ideas and new ways of doing things from their previous recruitment experience and existing relationships.


Do we hire graduate talent with the right attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and teach them the art of recruitment? This is whilst ensuring we are instilling best practice.

If we hire talent with no experience what are we doing as a business and leaders to ensure the success of those individuals?