I'm no CV expert, but I must look at about 50 CVs each day, for a variety of positions, and over the years I've seen some shockers. This document is the gateway to potential employment so you really have to get it right!

Here's a list of things that I personally dislike seeing on CVs:

High School Scores

Unless this is your very first job, these scores are irrelevant. I bet your parents are proud that you received an A+ in Geography in 1995, but - in 2018 - this is not going to help you get a job as a Business Analyst!

Irrelevant Work History  

Once again, this might be handy if you are applying for your very first "real job", just to show you can actually keep a job, but listing your days as a checkout operator for New World and your lifeguard certification from your summer camp job 20 years ago isn't necessary if you are applying for a Senior Test Analyst role. This is especially when you already have 15 years of testing experience to talk about! 

Talk about the things employers want to hear about and don't feel like you need to list everything!

Excess Personal Information

Once I saw a CV that listed an applicant's blood type. Seriously. They were applying for a role as a Test Analyst and they had listed their blood type! No one needs to know your blood type, your parent's names or your passport number!

Spelling Errors

I feel like a hypocrite writing this, as I recently noticed a spelling error in a job posting I had created in a hurry, but lucky for me I can edit online! Once you've sent your CV, however, there is no turning back. Spell check your CV and, if possible get a friend to proofread too - the more eyes, the better!

Finally, my last pet peeve when reading CVs is leaving no contact details! If your CV is amazing and I want to call you then I shouldn't have to be searching for your phone number - it should be right there, at the top, underneath you name!  

Yes, I can contact you via LinkedIn, WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger but I'm an 'old school' recruiter who likes to chat. So please, please, please give me your number. Of course, by that I don't mean to sound desperate - I am married!

The careersnz website has some other great tips on creating a CV that's fit for the NZ market. If you are unsure, check it out! Plus, if you've sent your CV out repeatedly and haven't had any luck recently, then it's time to change it up! 

Good luck!