The start of a new year brings a chance for new opportunities and new beginnings for many people seeking their next job. Everyone knows it's important to always be learning and growing your particular set of expertise, but with at least 50,000 skills in the professional world, employees may struggle to figure out which ones are the most important for their career growth. 

In my time at Recruit I.T. so far I am seeing a lot of companies moving away from their older systems and adopting new technology. The roles we have been recruiting for recently have included a lot of mobile application development as well as cloud computing. This definitely makes sense with everyone having mobile phones these days. 

The other skill I have identified as being a skill sought after is the ability to translate language in terms of being someone who can translate code or data or, in other words, "Tech Speak" into something non-technical and clear to read for someone who isn't well-versed in tech jargon. 

This article really reflects the technology that companies have been seeking so far. In a fast-paced technology world it is hard to stay with the times and keep up with all the new tech coming out. This provides some good insight into what is the most important at this stage.