Cloud computing has become extremely popular in recent years.

It seems like the last time I used a USB stick (or worse, a CD!) was a whole lifetime ago. Now I see more and more people moving their files to Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive. And why wouldn't you? It's fast, easily accessible, and saves a lot of storage space on your devices.

However, many people still stay reluctant to moving their important documents and personal photos onto the cloud for 'security reasons'. Fair enough, with the rise of cloud computing, we have also seen plenty of cases where people were hacked and their private information was leaked.

I was always aware of this aspect of cloud security (or should I say 'insecurity'?), but when I started working in IT Recruitment, I got a whole new perspective on this matter.

Nowadays, we see numerous large organisations, including banks and government agencies, moving their core platforms to the cloud. And, as you can imagine, in this context issues with security and privacy become so much more critical!

So who is responsible for cloud security in this situation? Well, everyone! While cloud providers need to ensure their infrastructure is well-protected, organisations using their services still need to monitor other vulnerabilities.

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