Finding the starting point for any career is a tough challenge, especially in the world of IT and software development where there are 100s of tools, technologies and languages that all bring their own unique benefits and strengths. 

From my perspective, the most successful first step you can take is one that is supported by research and market intelligence. Finding out not only what is in demand now, but what will also be in demand in the future will be vital in ensuring you are keeping up with the fast moving tech industry. 

Tools like Python have sky-rocketed in popularity, with many organisations desiring developers with experience in programming languages. Front-end JavaScript tools like Angular and React are sought after as more Internet of Things devices increase in popularity. 

More advanced languages like Scala and OCaml are topping lists in the US. As more organisations move towards machine learning and AI, it's important to stay on top of current tech trends so that you do not get left behind in the industry.