Back in the 2000s, I worked as a travel agent and was constantly being told that one day a computer would take my job. 20 years on and we've seen incredible advancements in online booking engines and apps for travel, yet you will still see half a dozen retail travel agencies still open for business in most shopping precincts.  

Today, as a Talent Consultant, I'm still being told that one day a computer will take my job. It's something I've always scoffed at, but upon reading this article it dawned on me - if no-one ever moved job, I would be out of a job!

Luckily the realist inside me woke up, and reminded me that change is good. Meeting new people, learning new things and advancing ourselves is one of the great benefits of taking a leap of faith into the unknown which is a new job.

As for my company using AI to monitor when I'm likely to resign, I think it's a long way off for this market...

...and a tad creepy.