'Hard' skills and 'soft' skills: both different types of criteria, but when applying for jobs it has become clearer that each is as important as the other. While 'hard' skills concern your ability to do a specific task, 'soft' skills are more about the way you do them, e.g. the way you adapt, collaborate, or make decisions. 

Every year we constantly see changes in the demand for certain skills from organisations, and 2019 is no different. 

Cloud Computing tops the list for 'hard' skills, while Creativity tops the list for 'soft' skills. So please, if you are a Cloud Computing expert, with a creative mind-set, please get in touch!

It would be worth noting that 57% of leaders say that the soft skills are more important than hard skills. My recommendations would be to constantly develop and work on your 'hard' skills, but don't forget the importance of 'soft' skills and continuing to develop those too.