Performing some form of exercise during your usual 9-5 will result in you having an overall more satisfactory work day, a healthier body and an overall higher level of productivity.

“One of the best ways to battle fatigue is to workout. Exercise improves circulation and strengthens the heart muscle – providing an instant rush of energy.”

You may not be able to fit in much exercise, but any is better than none. If you’re struggling to fit in much of a workout, then heighten your intensity levels for more significant results.

A workout during work doesn’t have to involve the gym; it could just be a walk around the block at a fast pace.

The workout could even be done in the morning before work when a gym is far less crowded; which would ensure you have a sense of achievement each day before beginning the work day, a time when the gym would also be far less crowded.

What about a gym in the workplace?

Through workplaces implementing gyms on-site, they will be encouraging good habits and will be rewarded with higher productivity levels as a result of higher energy levels. Exercising doesn’t just increase your level of productivity during work, but it also increases your productivity for the day as a whole. You will also have greater resilience to issues you experience during work hours and, in turn, have higher levels of motivation.

Implement exercise into your work life and you’ll see the results in your work and in your health.