With our lives becoming more and more busy, it’s easy to let a bad moment or day at work lead us to negative thoughts that can be long lasting and detrimental. It is important for us to have tools at hand to help turn negative thoughts into positive ones, allowing for a happier and more productive day.

  • Gain Framing: Re-framing your experience to reflect a ‘glass half full’ picture. Recalling your own experience in this way can help to change the way you view it yourself.
  • Acknowledge a Positive: Whilst venting or stewing on a problem might feel like the right solution, focusing on one positive thing that happened during your day can help your brain to change perception. Try writing your achievements for the day down, it can help putting pen to paper.
  • Counter-Intuitive Response: If someone gives you bad feedback, try and thank them for it instead of allowing yourself to be upset or angry. Responding in a more positive way can help you see the situation in a different light later.

It takes work to retrain a peaceful mindset, but a little effort now and then will allow us to see the glass a little fuller.