Recently, Apple revealed its all-new Mac Pro at its Annual Worldwide Developer Conference. However, the main talking point didn't seem to be the new technology after all, but the cost of the monitor's stand- a staggering $999 ($1,500NZD). 

Rising prices is nothing new for Apple. The prices of products, such as the iPhone, has increased exponentially over the years, and not necessarily the quality of the product being delivered. 

However, this seemed to be one step too far for those in attendance - the audience clearly murmuring in shock at this ridiculous price tag. 

What this raises is, how loyal are we going to be to our leaders? Whether it be tech leaders, leaders at work, or even in the community, particularly when the loyalty is not reciprocated and transformed into respect for those who follow? 

People will continue to blindly purchase an overpriced product because of its brand, but you need to ask yourself if you are going to blindly follow leaders who are going to lead you off of the metaphorical cliff. 

On that note, if anyone has a spare $1,500 lying around, a Mac Pro monitor stand would look great on my mantle-piece...