Many organisations are implementing fun initiatives into their workplaces, but what is considered fun in the workplace? 

Workplace fun can be playful activities, such as team building games which generate pleasure and entertainment for employees; workplace gatherings; or even having a breakout room available for employees. These all work together towards developing a positive organisational culture, offering a feeling of belonging and job satisfaction. 

Organisations should provide anonymous surveys for their employees to understand what the employees are seeking in fun initiatives and what their perception of the current workplace fun is. If management doesn’t listen to employee feedback on this then it could lead to employee cynicism and resistance. The same could be seen if the initiatives are perceived as solely for the organisation's benefit. The fun in an organisation should not be forced upon employees but, instead, an opportunity should be provided to freely partake in or ignore it. 

By actively implementing fun initiatives which represent what employees seek, employee engagement and commitment to the organisation will increase because employees will feel valued and will enjoy their jobs more; while burnout will be reduced. 

Overall, when fun initiatives are created to enhance job satisfaction for employees, there is a positive response in the form of increased employee work ethic, higher motivation, and higher productivity.