Today I had to tell one of my candidates that she was not shortlisted for a role, due to discrepancies with the dates in her CV compared with those on LinkedIn. It turns out that it was a typo but, in a job requiring accuracy, this was enough to send the Hiring Manager running!

I then went on to check other candidate profiles and discovered that most had the odd inaccuracy. Which got me thinking - are we just a bit sloppy when creating our LinkedIn profiles?  Do we put more effort into creating our resumes because we physically send those off for roles we are interested in, and not bother so much about the LinkedIn profile that anyone can view?

So, I'd like to highlight the importance of making sure your LinkedIn profile is more than just another social media outlet; and that it accurately reflects your resume, as in this day-in-age LinkedIn really is like an extension of your CV - a digital version - with recommendations, images and other information which we can't always fit into the standard 3-6 page CV! 

Remember that the Hiring Manager for the job that you have applied for, using your own beautifully created CV, may also be cross-checking with LinkedIn for accuracy!

Now, speaking of images on LinkedIn, I was once told that having no profile photo on LinkedIn was like attending an interview with a paper bag over your head.  This article has some great ideas for how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile photo on a budget.  

You're welcome!