Open to opportunities but not getting the right kind of messages, or any messages at all? For many developers, I know this to be the opposite (too many messages!), but for those who are new to the country, in a pinch with their job security or passively looking, changes you can make to your LinkedIn can make all the difference in making sure you’re getting the right kind of attention. 

While it’s important to change your settings to ‘Open to Opportunities’, fleshing out your profile and adding keywords will be the number one change you can make to improve your job search. 

For instance, if you’re a Web Developer, try to include links to your github/portfolio or (with permission of course) web pages you developed to showcase your skills. Include your technology stack and what your main programming language is (including frameworks and versions), and to what extent you are involved (end-to-end? Are you mostly doing maintenance or adding new features?)

To those who are ‘Open to Opportunities’, consider adding a description or message to recruiters on what your current situation is and what particular roles or skill sets you are interested in. This can help cut down on the clutter, such as recruiters messaging you about Siebel Developer positions because you used it once in 2009.

When recruiters search for talent, they are using key words, so by including these details, you’re making yourself more visible. 

Best of luck with your job search!