Hiring graduates fresh out of university is a cost-effective way to bring on some new talent into your organisation. Many organisations look at only bringing on people with X years of experience, however, graduates can absorb knowledge like a sponge and are very enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge. Therefore, you should not have a lack of faith in bring on graduates, because trust me, it’s not a trap. 

They also bring a great attitude to their first job out of university and are keen to get involved in whatever they can and are eager to provide a fresh mindset and ideas, along with a different set of attitudes to your workplace. Much like Obi-Wan giving Anakin Skywalker a chance as a Jedi, you should be giving graduates “a new hope,” to kick start their career, which, in turn, will result in them later thanking you with loyalty to your business.

The demand of roles for graduates has surpassed supply, which begs the question, when will there be the return of the graduates to the job market?  

When businesses awaken to the idea of hiring graduates and investing time in training them up, they can fully utilise “the force” of graduates. It may seem like graduates are all clones but, in reality, they’re all their own Jedi ready to enter your unique galaxy however far far away it may be.