As a young person in the corporate world, I have been observing the way different companies operate. It is always wonderful to see when workplaces are listening to their employees and making changes to help benefit their people on the ground. Whether it be flexible working hours, an Xbox in the break room, or opportunities to upskill, I always find myself relating to how this trend will affect me and the future careers of my peers. 

Belonging to Generation Z, I believed that my needs from my employer would be much different from those belonging to an elder generation. However, from my experience in recruitment and chatting with my candidates, I have found that our needs are much the same. 

So why is the change only happening now?

It is my opinion that Gen Z'ers have been able to witness the mistakes that our parents and perhaps older siblings have made and can now view the workforce in a much different way. Gen Z'ers' expectations are now more clear and uncompromising as ever. Things that may have been accepted as "the norm" in the past have now become major red flags to the younger generation. 

I think it's important that the shift we are starting to see continues its momentum, not only for the benefit of the young working people but for all employees.