Something I’m always surprised to see is the amount of recruiters who bad-mouth their candidates on LinkedIn. I'm not trying to be the fun police here. I do enjoy a bit of gallows humour, and whenever the proverbial has hit the fan I'll be the first person to make a joke about it to my coworkers. 

But when LinkedIn gets involved, that's a different story. 

LinkedIn is a huge tool for us recruiters, and the really successful ones will 100% leverage their network with a bit of personality or else they're missing out. What's the point of having 500+ connections if you're not talking to them? The social network algorithm loves it as well. More posts equals more engagement, therefore your posts are more likely to appear in people's feeds. 

But among the recruiters who have built a brand on LinkedIn, I see more and more going down the path of controversial posts with an embarrassing amount of detail of their candidate drama, which doesn't sit right with me. Because, while I'm pulling my hair out over a candidate because they've flaked me 20 minutes before an interview, at the end of the day the candidate is really just trying to do best by themselves. 

You never know the full story behind why your candidates do the things they do, and I don’t think building a brand off shaming people is going to want candidates with unicorn skill sets to come to you when all of a sudden they’re being laid off!

What do you think the balance is between building a brand and keeping respect for your candidates?