Short answer to this question is: YES. 

So what is a lizard brain and how is it affecting your life?

Lizard Brain (a.k.a. the amygdala, a.k.a the reptilian brain) is a prehistoric part of our brain that has been developed for one purpose only: to keep us alive and safe in the face of danger. It is designed to immediately activate our flight or fight response when alarming situations present themselves, such as if you see a tiger approaching you while you're sitting in your living room...

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for tigers, they no longer roam freely. As a modern human we face much less life threatening situations on a daily basis, but our lizard brain did not get the memo. So every time you want to change a job or try a new approach in your current role, your amygdala alerts your body systems that change is unsafe and you should do anything but get out of your comfort zone.

Lizard Brain can express itself in a form of procrastination, self-sabotage, excuses and so forth. It will always lean towards familiarity, because it is SAFE.

So, next time you notice your inner voice telling you that you should not pursue your goals and dreams, know that it is your reptilian brain just trying to keep you alive. You can not stop it from doing its job, but you can definitely take control of your own actions.

This article offers great ways to tame your Lizard Brain. Give it a go!